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Don’t be afraid of bone loss!

No more old age! You will be able to protect yourself from bone resorption while enjoying the good age with the help of sports activities, regular checks and recommendations of your physician.

As it is known, osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease caused by weakening of the bones and increasing the fragility of the bones. However, this is not only a disease of old age, but a fundamental public health problem that needs to be taken into consideration throughout life. Therefore, it is very important to take precautions and provide protection before the formation of the disease. The aim of preventing bone resorption is to maximize and maintain bone mass, reduce or slow down bone loss that may occur in advanced age. In our article, Tekkeşin also has important advice and warnings for you.


Peak bone mass is the highest level of bone mass achieved by growth. Genetic variables involved in growth, mechanical loading, nutrition and hormonal factors affect peak bone mass. We need to optimize our bone until the growth is complete. Bone tissue that starts in the womb and develops with age should be fed correctly before everything else.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the calcium needed by the child should be taken and the mother’s bone metabolism should be evaluated intact. It is very important that calcium, which both the mother and the child need, enters the body correctly. For example, it should be taken together with calcium-containing foods, the correct absorption (carbonated drinks, drugs that reduce the stomach acid, etc.) should be avoided, the calcium taken to the body to benefit from active vitamin D level (sunbathing and taking vitamin D with food) desired level.

Our children ask us for proper feeding, sunbathing and large spaces. Remember that childhood exercises have a great impact on the bone structure of moving games.


Things to do in the period from the end of the growth until the beginning of aging is extremely important. Yes, childhood is over and we have responsibilities. We forget what we need to do in our intensified home and business life. We can’t walk, do sports. Irregular nutrition, instead of eating the right foods with fast-consuming fatty meals to continue the day, then the weight problems due to rapid weight loss to do wrong, especially for the purpose of bodybuilding, such as taking the wrong drugs are doing things that damage the bone. Hormonal diseases can develop without our hands. But we have to take good care of our bodies. All of these and bad habits (tobacco products, alcohol, drugs) cause a decrease in bone mass and we lose our stock. It’s very hard for us to realize this. But time passes quickly. Young people are no longer with their parents. Their bodies are under their control. It is largely in our hands to make our body healthy, which we will use throughout our lives. Tomorrow we should not forget our bones, which are the main carriers of our body in our students and business life. During this hustle and bustle, we should pay attention to our nutrition, stay away from fast-consuming foods as much as possible, create an opportunity to do sports even if we are tired and be friendly with the sun.


There are some issues to be considered in post-menopausal women and both sexes with aging. If you’ve done everything right by now, don’t be afraid of bone resorption. Because you grew up with a conscious family, you practiced what you learned in your life and earned a pension at the highest level! With all these years of experience and knowledge, you will not make any mistakes. You don’t have to rush in old age, you don’t have to train. You have done regular eating, regular sports, sunbathing correctly, and you have experienced abandoning your bad habits as a part of your life. It’s time to set an example for your grandchildren. Let’s not forget, your grandchildren will compete in the future to apply what you see.

The aim of preventing bone resorption is to maximize and maintain bone mass, to reduce or slow down bone loss that may occur in advanced age.

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Recommend 2 for healthy bones!

Take care of your children’s nutrition. Watch them get the foods they need at the right time. Reinforce your family’s eating habits with the information you get from the right sources.

Let your children play and play in large, airy areas. Take precautionary measures to ensure that they do not damage the sun.

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