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Hospitalization Operations

When you come to our hospital, the patient will be directed to the Office of Coordination of hospitalization paid by Consultants. Inpatient Coordination Authority is controlled by your appointment with your credentials transactions initiated after hospitalization, admission will be signed Consent and Undertaking. Information regarding your treatment fees will be requested in accordance with the pre-advance. After admission procedures are completed, or that accompanied the patient to the service advisor you will be removing the room description.

Visitor Policy

Related Sections policies can create their own special visit , it is mandatory .

Patient visits are limited to 2 people at a time , it is of great importance in terms of the patient’s health.
Patient visits are performed in our hospital determined time interval .
The patient outside food , drinks introduction is strictly prohibited.
Patient visit is forbidden to bring children under 7 years.
Smoking is prohibited in Health Care.
Patients who come to visit with books, magazines, newspapers, sanitary care products ( cologne, paper napkins, paper towels, tissue paper ) brought gifts to children is not recommended except for a harmless toy.
Removal of fresh flowers in the room are not considered in terms of infection .
Visitors are asked intervals specified in the following hours are available for groups.

Technical Services

Any equipment in your room (TV, sofa, wardrobe, bed, etc.). Arise regarding technical service is available 24 hours for the failure. Technical Services will be sufficient to refer to the Floor Nurse

Interpretation Services

Foreign nationals in the communication needs of our patients and service processes are facilitated with interpreting services. Patient Relations Representative will assist you in this regard.


Patients and their caregivers a safe, peaceful environment in order to receive services Security Services is staffed 24 hours.

Visitor Hours

Visiting hours are from 10:00 to 22:00. Please as a visitor not to bring your children under the age of 7. It is important to reduce the risk of transmission of infection. 21:00 the next entry is made in the emergency room door.

For your health more than two people at the same time you do not accept visitors and visiting time limit of 15 minutes. Thank you in advance.


Receptionist, in accordance with your request as soon as possible will help you by providing taxi.

Call Service

Specially trained staff in all matters related to health with accurate, reliable information and guidance 24/7 to serve.


Room with our national television channels, sports, cinema and documentary channels, it is possible to follow. Not to disturb the other patients you care about sound.

Koya Road, Beside 100 Meter Street, Erbil

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