Quality Policy - Medistate Hospital Erbil

Organizational Priorities

Being a Center of Excellence in Healthcare Service by adopting continuous development of quality, improvement and performing pioneering applications in patient safety in relation with Healthcare Services. Establishing and strengthening quality improvement and patient’s safety approach in combination with evidence based medical procedures pursuant to international healthcare quality standards. Offering services to our patient beyond their expectations pursuant to the principle of zero mistake by providing world class healthcare services at affordable prices and using knowledge and state-of-the-art devices throughout the treatment period and all the procedures should be based on interest, kindness and compassion, but without conceding ethical principles.

Quality Development Priorities

Ensuring that mission, vision, our values and our quality policy are strictly followed at all location of our hospital. Ensuring that international patient safety targets are adopted and followed in/by all our departments. Ensuring that all physician treatments care, examination orders and patient’s care procedures are recorded in electronic environment in order to avoid medical errors and to improve patient’s care. Developing and implementing training programs for all employees in accordance with Healthcare.

Koya Road, Beside 100 Meter Street, Erbil

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