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Why Medistate Hospital Erbil Hair Transplant Center
Medistate Hospital Erbil is a high-end hospital with JCI certificate.

For this reason, you can have a world-class hair transplantation with confidence in our hospital and experienced physicians.
What are the differences in Medistate Hair Transplant?
Hair Transplantation is performed by experienced doctors as in all medical procedures in our hospital. The person applying for hair transplantation should first go through a hair examination. If necessary, he / she will go through a general examination and explain the reason for hair loss and the necessary treatment plan.

Thus, it is explained whether the hair problem will be treated by hair transplantation or other methods and an implementation plan is created.

After that, if hair transplantation is decided, detailed information is given on which method will be suitable for the type of hair.

Hair Transplantation Methods applied in our hospital are as follows;

  • Unshaved FUE methodHair Transplant testimonial>
  • Motorized Hair Transplantation with FUE method
  • Manual FUE method with Hair Transplant

    • Unshaved FUE method: □li>

      With the newly designed equipment, your hair is removed from the nape without shaving and transferred to the same long hairless areas. Depending on the number of grafts to be planted, the process is completed in 1 day or 2 days.

      The long-haired FUE method, which has not been applied in any clinic in the world yet, is applied in Medistate Hospital Erbil.

      • Manual FUE method;

      • In this method, all of our patient’s hair is shaved to number 1, but since the equipment is applied to the skin completely with the help of the hand, it is provided to heal the hair in the nape region very quickly. The application takes 1 or 2 days according to the amount of hair to be taken.

        • Motorized FUE Method;

          It is the most known and applied method in our country. With the help of FUE punch attached to the end of a motor, grafts are removed and transported to balding areas. Since the process is done with the help of motor, the process is fast and high amounts of hair can be planted in about 1 day and the process can be completed.

          • In this section we want to draw attention to the points that bring success in hair transplantation…

          • 1- The properties of the solutions we store: Graft hair units have a complex cell structure like any other organ, this organ complex has a very sensitive structure and should be kept in very special solutions and 4 degrees cold when taken out of the head. . However, this waiting period has a period of time, if it is not transported to the balding area again, the tissues die in a way that does not return, so even if they are transplanted to the head, they do not produce hair. This time is the same for various solutions. Serum Physiological: It can remain alive in this solution for 2 hours, but since the hair transplantation process takes 6-8 hours, the revival rate of hair units after transplantation was found to be 52% in medical studies. Ringer: In this solution, the hair units can survive for 3-4 hours, and the survival rate in this solution was found to be 65%. Hypotermosol + ATP: In this solution, hair units can remain alive for 6-10 hours. Even in medical studies, hair units were kept in these solutions for experimental purposes for 24 hours and they were able to survive 80-85%. For this reason, as Medisatate Hospital, we use this solution in all our hair transplantation processes in order to provide you with the highest quality service.

            2- Channeling methods and channel frequency are among the most important factors that directly affect the outcome of the procedure. The main techniques of sagging are sagittal and lateral slits. These methods can be used together or individually by experienced doctors according to the condition of your balding areas and the rate of hairlessness. The direction of the channels opened and their angles with the scalp vary according to the regions, which is the most important factor that ensures naturalness. In addition, the frequency of hair transplanted per square centimeter affects our success.

            3- Transection Rate, which is quite technical to you, this term refers to the amount of hair that has been ruined when the grafts are taken from the nape of the graft, hair removal is required by doctors experienced in hair transplantation.

            4- ATP spray, after planting, newly transplanted hair follicles (follicles) need a high blood circulation and moisture, and also the need for energy due to undernutrition, especially in the first 72 hours is important in this regard.We also give ATP spray we help to revitalize all the hair planted.

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